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Company Profile "Detecting Child Abuse with Machines and Preventing Abuse"


Oyasen "No Child Abuse!" Child Abuse can be detected with a device

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Oyasen aims to:

Purpose of Oyasen → I want to create a world that seems to have been a good life, although it happened when all the children became empty.

We are developing a machine that can detect and detect child abuse

To that end, child abuse is detected by equipment and legislated. Have them used in health examinations to eliminate abuse and make the United Nations and UNICEF aware of this mechanism.


①-1 Dissemination of abuse detection equipment (patent pending, mechanism) ①-2 By enacting it and promoting the detection of all children, it is possible to know whether or not children are being abused all over Japan.

(2) Issues faced by children abused children: Providing a place to live for children aged 22 and over (1) Creating facilities for them to live all over Japan with the patent fee obtained in (1) (Collaboration with child abuse prevention organizations and companies that cooperate)

(3) Issues faced by child abused children: Providing a place to work by arranging jobs for children aged 22 and over (establishing a company specializing in it to solve other social issues)

②. ③ way of thinking → You have to leave the facility when you are 22 years old or older. However, it is the first time for me to live and work, and many abused children do not seem to be able to integrate into society well. Therefore, the turnover rate is said to be 70%. Of course, if you quit your job, you will have no place to live. At least if there is a place to live, the idea of ​​②.③ is to be able to find a job.

④ In addition, a system that allows everyone to have a life of one-shot reversal with just ideas (in a world where not only children who are only abused but also adults cannot live. If young people today get off the rails, they will try again. There is no place for them, and there is no follow-up for jobs in their 40s or older. However, if you can manage with ideas and efforts, some people will try to do their best.)

⑤-1 ① to ③ are to prevent child abuse, but including ④, we will package it and send it to the world. Make it a business ⑤-2 Package this mechanism that can solve similar social issues and make it a business

Supplement → Revenue of patent rights for the device to be detected (95% of the planned amount)
This money will be used to build facilities for children over 22 years old, establish a working company, and donate to a child abuse prevention organization that cooperates with them.
Since the patent right is 20 years, it is possible to build facilities in all prefectures of Japan in 20 years by constructing two facilities every year.
Also, in 20 years, a 22-year-old will turn 42.
In other words, you are above the average marriageable age and have a high probability of becoming a parent.
As children of child abuse, they believe that a certain education at Oyasen's facility will eliminate the chain of abuse.
(This is because there is data that abused children will be abused when they become parents)




Inoue alone cannot do these things. I hope many people will sympathize with me.

Below this is the site guide, entrepreneurial secrets and detailed explanations.

Oyasen Site Information(Japanese only)

Thank you for teaching me various things to experts or celebrities.
Please be assured that we will not appeal using SNS (that you cooperated) from this person unless you have permission.

Celebrities will have a lot of trouble, so please contact me. Of course, if you're willing to name it, that helps.

Oyasen entrepreneurial secret story

Originally, there was a business plan contest and I was doing child abuse in the news.

Current status of child abuse

Child abuse is reported on a daily basis. In fact, when I looked it up

From April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.
64 cases (73 people) identified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare through each prefecture as death cases due to child abuse.
In addition, the severe cases (cases that did not result in death) received by the child guidance center during the three months from April 1 to June 30, 2018 were 7 cases (7) that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare grasped through each prefecture. Person) was clarified by conducting an analysis.

平成30年4月1日から平成31年3月31日までの間に、 子ども虐待による死亡事例として厚生労働省が各都道府県を通じて把握した64例(73人)、また、平成30年4月1日から6月30日の3か月間に児童相談 所が受理した重症事例(死亡に至らなかった事例)として厚生労働省が各都道府県を通じて把握した7例(7人)について分析等を実施し、明らかになった。


64 deaths (73) due to child abuse

Potentially more?

So I thought about how to reduce it ...


If abuse is suspected, detect potential abuse early by first checking for abuse with the device.



Then, I thought about winning the project "Detecting Child Abuse with Equipment!" In the Business Plan Contest.

If you want to know more, "What changes depending on the device?" only Japanese


In addition to detecting child abuse with equipment, there were other challenges as well.

People who grew up in orphanages neglect to learn social common sense and do not know how to rent an apartment because they do not study it as knowledge.
I watched this on TV

When I'm at the facility, the staff can't handle it that much.
And it is legally required that the facility must leave at the age of 18.
I don't know that there is a guarantor for an 18-year-old person who has no knowledge to decide where to live and work. Not a trivial matter for uneducated people

What is a social care independence support project: A social care independence support project aimed at linking to future independence. After reaching the age of 18 (20 in the case of extension of measures) among those who have left the facility for orphanages, family businesses, and those who have been canceled from foster care (those subject to Attachment 1). When it is appropriate to continue to provide support for independence, in principle, continue to provide necessary support according to individual circumstances until the end of the year to which the day when the child reaches the age of 22 belongs.

The story of the person who actually confirmed it only Japanese

I am now 22 years old (due to the social care independence support project), but even so, when I go out at the age of 22, the hurdles are high. There is a guarantor (although there is a guideline for implementing measures to secure an identity guarantor) in the place where you live, and it is difficult to work without a house.

So Inoue thought about the following:

"Dissemination and legislation of equipment to detect child abuse"

"Providing a place where abused people can feel at ease"

In other words, if you put these two together, everyone will be WIN-WIN.

A site written by people who have been abused. only Japanese

A site where you can write down the abuse you are currently suffering and get to know the current state of child abuse.


Would you please write your experience on our bulletin board?
You at that time couldn't help.
Having them talk about your painful experience may help other troubled people


By writing in the community, you can get to know politicians, intellectuals, and engineers.
May be a new anti-abuse clue

Please cooperate


Spread what anyone can do

What you can do "Diffusion through SNS" "Activities! Human assistance (volunteer)" "Cost assistance (purchase of goods)"

"Diffusion on SNS" → Many people know by spreading, and many people agree. Legalization soon! There is a life saved by it




Oyasen is run by Inoue, a social entrepreneur.

Thank you for watching
Oyasen Inoue is a social entrepreneur, so he wants money, but he asks for business, not donations.

If you sympathize with Inoue and cooperate with us, please invest.



1. Proposed as an outside director

If you are a company, Inoue can help you as an outside director. You can propose sales promotion proposals using patents.

The price per company is 150,000 yen per month (3 companies, limited to 2 years), which is about the same as a part-time worker.

This money will be the source of funds for Oyasen for the last two years

After that, it will be unnecessary due to the patented money. But I will never forget the benefits I received

I will continue to be an outside director free of charge until my sales promotion proposal reaches a total of 100 million yen on a sales basis.

2. Sale of Oyasen goods or rental of Oyasen as a trademark

These depend on the product



If you are an individual, we will continue to collaborate with you. It means that the prizes won are half each, given jointly to the prize race.

Unfortunately, I haven't won the prize yet because I'm just getting started.

The application is for one novel (planning Inoue text Yamamoto) miscellaneous goods planning plan (planning Inoue illustration **) miscellaneous goods planning plan (planning Inoue illustration kamui)

You may also be asked to collaborate on the sale of Oyasen goods.


Looking for production members


For contest planning


Those in the industry related to the contest are aiming to generate 100 million sales
If you can cooperate, would you please help me with the legislation?

Organizations that cooperate and certify



Orange Ribbon Secretariat only Japaneseオレンジリボン事務局で販売しているオレンジリボン

SDGs Goal 16 (Goal 16) "Peace and justice for all"

And I want to regain the smiles of many children

What is Goal 16 of the SDGs? "Peace and justice for all" to leave no one behind

Numerical values such as "16-1" indicate the goals to be achieved for each item.

16.1 Significantly reduce all forms of violence and violence-related mortality everywhere
16.2 Eradicate child abuse, exploitation, transactions and all forms of violence and torture 16.3 Promote the rule of law at the national and international levels and provide equal access to justice for all
16.4 By 2030, significantly reduce the trade in illegal funds and weapons, strengthen the recovery and return of stolen property, and eradicate all forms of organized crime.
16.5 Significantly reduce all forms of corruption and bribery
16.6 Develop effective, accountable and transparent public institutions at all levels
16.7 Ensuring responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels
16.8 Expanding and strengthening the participation of developing countries in global governance agencies
16.9 By 2030, provide legal identification, including birth registration, to all
16.10 Ensuring public access to information and guaranteeing basic freedoms in accordance with national legislation and international agreements

What is shown in the alphabet, such as "16-a", shows the method for realization.

Alphabetized as "16-a" 16.a Strengthen relevant national institutions through international cooperation, etc. to build capacity at all levels to prevent violence and eradicate terrorism and crime, especially in developing countries.
16.b What promotes and implements non-discrimination laws and policies for sustainable development shows how to achieve them.

Finally, please

願いを乗せて届け 折鶴

Indispensable for the spread of detectors are collaborative companies, lawmakers who issue legislative legislation, and NPOs and organizations that prevent child abuse. Investors considering ESG investment

Please contact us if you are a sensor company or an AI company. The market will be 14 billion a year in Japan

A member of the Diet who takes up child abuse. Please legislate to have the device used

All of the groups who are prevented from child abuse. Please cooperate with my activities. If it is legalized and used, you will receive a small amount of rights income. You can donate

Investors who are considering ESG investment. Please invest in Oyasen

What I would like individuals to do is "horizontal connections, signatures at the time of legislation, and what you can do".

Horizontal connection (researchers, manufacturers, volunteers, governments I know)

Signature at the time of legislation

Can you do what you can do now by saying "a drop of hummingbirds" that works hard on what you can do now?

・ Signature for making equipment ・ Signature for legislation

↓ Like this

Please sign on the signature site (currently under construction)

Click here for support message Click

Please give me a message of support

Please contact us in Japanese. mail

Biological reaction → physiological reaction. Correct

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